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Florida State University

Elizabeth Anne Oaks, Gadsden County
Stewart Street Elementary School
CARD Staff: Teri Merlau

Elizabeth Ann Oaks began working with students with disabilities while in high school through her 4-H club. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Child Development and Mental Retardation and from Georgia Southwestern with a M.S. in Emotionally Handicapped. She has been teaching students with varying exceptionalities for 37 years. Three years ago she became the teacher of a class for students with ASD. These past three years have been extremely educational and motivating for her. She loves learning about and with her students.

Proposed Project:

The Unique curriculum was developed for students with varying disabilities on the alternate assessment track. The teacher will use and adapt these materials to teach reading skills to a class of students with autism who have a range of skill levels. (With Lyn Geariety)


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