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Agenda: Day 2


Peer Supports for Inclusive Schools

Speaker Bio:

Renee A. Supple is an ESE Teacher / Peer Support Facilitator at Central High School, Hernando County. She is certified in Exceptional Student Education, Middle Grades Integrated and Severe and Profound Disabilities, with five years teaching experience in Florida working with students having disabilities ranging from mild learning disabilities to severe physical and cognitive disabilities. Renee also has four years of experience as a peer support facilitator, is married and mother of two boys—one of which had an IEP for learning disabilities and is a 2010 high school graduate, the other a 2009 high school graduate.

Brief Workshop Description:

Access to the general education curriculum for students with severe physical and cognitive disabilities isn't a question of whether, but how. Through peer supports, students with disabilities can be meaningfully included members of general education academic and elective courses and develop relationships with same age, typical peers. This presentation highlights a Peer Support Program in a Florida high school and describes what is involved in facilitating such a program. Techniques in training typical peers to work with students with disabilities, supporting the general education teachers, and the duties involved in maintaining this program will be shared through testimonials, videos, and case examples.

Learning Objectives for Participants

  • To give an overview of implementing effective peer support programs
  • To provide an understanding of what peer support looks like at Central High School

Session Materials

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