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Agenda: Day 2


Circle Time: Structured Fun

Speaker Bio:

Dana Laskey has worked with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders for 12 years. She has been a PreK ASD classroom paraprofessional as well as a support aide for students on the spectrum in general education kindergarten settings. Dana has been in her current position at Clark Elementary for four years, and a district trainer for Hillsborough County Public Schools for the past two years. She believes that Circle Time is one of the most important times of the academic day. "Circle Time sets the stage for how teachers lay the ground work of not only foundational academics, but it is also the time when we must begin to implement the routine of structure that helps all of our students on the spectrum to thrive."

Brief Workshop Description:

This session is an overview of how to set up a morning Circle Time routine for PreK - K students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and how to carry over the schedule used during "Structured Fun" into the remainder of the academic day.

Learning Objectives for Participants

Attendees will walk away with ideas to incorporate into the classroom's Circle Time routine and an understanding of how to use the Circle Time schedule in other aspects of the academic day.

Session Materials

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