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Agenda: Day 2


Overcoming Behavioral Challenges in the Classroom

Speaker Bio:

Scott Bellini, PhDDr. Meme Hieneman is establishing the new Applied Behavior Analysis Services program at All Children's Hospital, providing education for families and professionals and direct assessment and intervention for children with behavioral difficulties. Previously, she worked with Dr. Mark Durand to direct the Positive Family Intervention Project at the USF St. Petersburg. She is a BCBA and has worked as a group home manager, behavior specialist for a school district, staff member for the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities, director of Florida's PBS Project, and a training coordinator for the National Research and Training Center on PBS. Meme has authored three books, written articles and chapters, and delivered hundreds of presentations on positive behavior support.

Brief Workshop Description:

This presentation will guide participants to address challenging behavior more proactively and effectively at both the individual student and classroom level. The topics will include identifying patterns that precipitate and maintain behavior and addressing behavior more effectively through prevention, teaching, and management. Case studies and problem-solving activities will be used to reinforce the concepts presented.

Learning Objectives for Participants

  • Understand the principles of effective behavioral support at both individual student and classroom-wide levels.
  • Identify various reasons why students engage in challenging behavior, including environmental triggers, functions of behavior, and behavioral skill deficits.
  • Articulate the basic components of behavioral support plans and how they can be applied at both individual student and classroom levels
    1. Preventing problem behavior
    2. Teaching replacement skills
    3. Managing consequences
  • Apply the concepts learned in this workshop to case examples.

Session Materials

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